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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Marking occasion

It is really important to mark occasion. On each birthday, my husband takes a day to take stock looking back on the happenings and achievements of the last year and looking ahead to what he wants to achieve in the next. This year, on his birthday, I found myself looking back over my own last […]

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I don’t know

I love Lisa Hannigan’s music. I’ve been to a couple of her concerts, first time was at the Royal Festival Hall in London. As she filled the enormous room with the power of her voice I realised that no matter how much I like her albums, hearing her live was something else entirely. She played […]

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The joy of books

Take a look at what happens in a beautiful, much-loved book shop when everybody’s gone home. Filmed on location at Type Books in Toronto.

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Like the warmest childhood summers

Some objects, like smells or sounds, can conjure up reminiscences and feelings from another time. This glass reminds me of my mother when I was a child. I guess we owned some of these Duralex Gigogne glasses then – I would have seen her drinking tomato juice or ginger ale from one, but I have […]

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