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Monthly Archives: July 2012

David Attenborough {hero}

I’m sitting in the Bahamas, looking out on the caribbean sea, waiting for my friends to arrive – and then I’ll get to go diving and see some of the natural world I’ve not seen before. As I sit here, I’m listening to my hero talking about why what I do is important – why […]

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From the walls of the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition to the online galleries of Behance, it has been an incredible week for being inspired by the quality and variety of the creative talents of artists all over the world. Behance is a site which allows you to ‘Showcase and discover the latest work […]

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Mola mola – a work in progress

I began this screen print of a sunfish (aka Mola mola) over a year ago. It’s my first and so far only screen print. It is also the largest print I’ve ever made (at around a half metre wide). The image began as two charcoal drawings on thick tracing paper. I chose charcoal because I […]

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Shed dreaming {a place to find ideas}

I have a thing about sheds. I have done for a long time. When I was little, I went through a phase of trying to persuade my dad to let me clear out the garden shed and set myself a little art studio in there. It never went that far, but I did sometimes squeeze […]

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The warmest place the sun ever shines

A finger’s touch upon my lips It’s a morning yearning Pull the curtains shut, try to keep it dark But the sun is burning The world awakens on the run And will soon be earning With hopes of better days to come It’s a morning yearning Another day, another chance to get it right Must […]

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