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I don’t know

I love Lisa Hannigan’s music. I’ve been to a couple of her concerts, first time was at the Royal Festival Hall in London. As she filled the enormous room with the power of her voice I realised that no matter how much I like her albums, hearing her live was something else entirely. She played […]

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Music and life {rendered emotion}

I was driving home from a shoot the other day, listening to Radio 4. A rare technical fault took the talk off air for 20 seconds or so, and while they re-established order, they played some strains of a piece which has always stired my emotions. Barber’s ‘Adagio for Strings’. Immediately swallowed by the music, […]

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OK GO…and stop..and go….

Jake showed me this video today – the thought and the planning that went into this is just quite astounding. It is a lot of fun, and well, inspiring! Well worth watching till the end. – posted by Ria Mishaal

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The Devil and Midnight

“It would be easier to jot down what this man can’t do than what he can” – The Guardian Picking music for our wedding, selecting one of my all time favourite artists, we wandered on to Nitin Sawhney’s website to see what he was doing right now. And found this. I am a little in […]

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The beauty of Zee.

Her songs are some of the most beautiful I have ever heard. To me Zee Avi‘s music captures the human condition – beauty, complexity, sadness, wry humour. Her lyrics paint the most vivid canvas, her voice a gorgeous mix of silk and gravel…this is one of my favourites. – posted by Ria Mishaal

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