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Marking occasion

It is really important to mark occasion. On each birthday, my husband takes a day to take stock looking back on the happenings and achievements of the last year and looking ahead to what he wants to achieve in the next.

This year, on his birthday, I found myself looking back over my own last year and the enormous changes that have occurred in my career, and recognizing how different what I perceive as success and achievement is now from what it was then.

Therein lies a really important point. In an ultracompetitive world, whatever career path you are in, many people are stuck in a feeling of underachievement, stresses created by tension of what they perceive as their own lack of success compared to their contemporaries….but I wonder if many, like me, hadn’t taken the time to map out their own path within the accepted norms…

What does achievement, success and recognition look like to you, in your eyes, with your goals?

Our motivations are often very different from our contemporaries, so why does it follow that our measurements of achievement would be the same. Comparison drains creativity and motivation, and it seems much more productive to understand our own need for achievement, and map out our own vision, and our own set of goals and tasks to get us there….and to celebrate each and every milestone reached on our own journey.

So let’s make a toast to the next, more unique year….

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M - June 26, 2012 - 12:29 pm

like it – very insightful!

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