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Following the death of my 'Granny' in March 2018.  I found myself in a deep depression, along with severe anxiety which I struggled with for over a year.  The only thing that would bring me solace, peace or happiness was being in the kitchen and cooking.  Trying new recipes and creating my own. Like, my Grandmother I love to cook and that is what she did to bring the family together. The love I have for my family is like no other and that characteristic I gained from my Granny.  Whenever anyone comes to visit, or I would visit them.  My first question would be what you want to eat.  As we all know food is the way to the heart.  After creating several new recipes for my family to try they then encouraged me to begin my own food business.  After months of encouragement from my family and coworkers I decided to do so. 

Here to
Serve You

The focus and vision for my business is to cater to everyone, especially those working families that simply don’t have time to cook.  You can have a home cooked meal (healthy options available) with original recipes that don’t cost you an arm and a leg as you would eating out.  And I promise you will have leftovers. 

Our Promise

I have always been someone that cares for others.  My life’s mission has always been to help other find and bring them happiness.  This is just another way for me to accomplish that. 

Beautifully Complicated has six different menus.  Specialty orders can be placed as well.  Everything is also made to order.  If you don’t like something and want to substitute you have the option to do that as well.  Give us a try I promise you’ll love it and keep coming back for more.


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